Back-End Engineer

2 openings in Singapore


  • Pair programming on backend code
  • Writing functional and unit tests for all of your code
  • Continuously learning inside and outside the office
  • Working with product designers to manage requirements
  • Working with DevOps to deploy your teams code


  • Totally fluent in one of the following languages: Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Python, C++, PHP
  • Understanding of SQL and experience using one of: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle
  • Experience using a good MVC framework: Rails, Django, Spring Web MVC, Play!, Laravel (CodeIgniter doesn't count)
  • Solid understanding of basic data structures
  • Effective at troubleshooting (e.g.: production issues)

What You'll Work With

Our tech stack includes:

  • Java, Kotlin, Ruby
  • Spring Boot, Netty
  • PostgreSQL, Cassandra, BigTable, Spanner, Redis
  • Google Cloud Platform, Spinnaker
  • Ansible, Vagrant
  • Datadog, OpsGenie

What are we about?

BBM is building services for everyone in Indonesia — defining the digital landscape of our 13k island archipelago.

We develop software in an Agile way, using Extreme Programming methodologies.

That means we embrace change, but it doesn't mean we work crazy hours.

We maintain a sustainable pace (8 hour days, no overtime, no nights or weekends) because everyone needs a life.

Pair programming, test driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment are core to our principles.

Some of your future coworkers:

Alex Ceponkus
Tommy Sullivan
Hafiz Badrie Lubis
Yap Sokann
Le Hoang Quyen
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