Data Engineer

1 openings in Singapore


  • Build, deploy and manage cloud based big data solutions that can adequately support the analytics and data science needs
  • Build out scalable and reliable ETL pipelines and processes to ingest data from a large number and variety of data sources
  • Spearhead the development of systems, architectures, and platforms that can scale to the 3 Vs of Big data (Volume, Velocity, Variety)
  • Maintain and optimize the performance of all the data pipelines and ETL processes to ensure accurate, reliable and timely delivery of key insights for decision making
  • Work with the data scientists to improve the quality of data by cleaning and preparing subsets of data as preparatory step before deeper analysis


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology or other related technical disciplines.
  • Experience working with Stream data processing involving technologies such as Kafka, PubSub, Spark, Flink or other equivalent technologies
  • Proficient in one of the programming languages - Scala, Python or Java Experience in handling large data sets (multiple TBs) and working with structured and unstructured datasets
  • An insatiable passion for working with data, learning new technologies in the Big data landscape
  • Excellent communication skills to interact with the Business team to understand the requirements and to solve data related challenges
Bonus Points
  • Experience working on Cloud Infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud)
  • A good level of understanding and experience with distributed processing and best engineering practices - monitoring, handling and logging errors, building efficient and reliable streaming data pipelines, continuous integration, performance management
  • Familiarity with the inner workings of News / Media Publishing platforms

What are we about?

BBM is building services for everyone in Indonesia — defining the digital landscape of our 13k island archipelago.

We develop software in an Agile way, using Extreme Programming methodologies.

That means we embrace change, but it doesn't mean we work crazy hours.

We maintain a sustainable pace (8 hour days, no overtime, no nights or weekends) because everyone needs a life.

Pair programming, test driven development, continuous integration, and continuous deployment are core to our principles.

Some of your future coworkers:

Adrian Edbert Luman T
Adrian Setyadi
Fachri Akbar Rahmanda
Miftah Fathudin
Asroni Hidayat Fahmi
Yahya Eru
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